The Invited- Flash Fiction

woman holding her breasts with her hands and her breasts are painted with a rainbow of acrylic paints splashed down her front

***Ongoing posts from my wonderful writing group time! I hope you enjoy!***


I invited him in. I knew better. I knew it deep in my gut, in a visceral way, the slight cramp in the pit of my stomach was speaking to me. The scent of danger hung around him in a way immediately recognizable, yet I invited him in. I’m not known for making wise choices when it comes to the men in my life.

It started innocently enough; I was with a girlfriend enjoying a night out on the boardwalk. We spontaneously jumped in when we saw a body painting demonstration mid-way to our destination. Too many margaritas and too few inhibitions began with me being the demo model and ended with a rainbow of drippy acrylic paint drizzled across my breasts. It felt amazing, and I had never felt so alive! Showing off my rainbow pride breasts and drinking yet another salty drink, I didn’t have a care in the world!

Is it any wonder then, when Moritz showed up on the scene, all dark and broody sexiness and magnetism that pulled me into his orbit, that I could not resist? His smile was wide, knowing, and yet mysterious. His dark brown eyes pools of meaning, I knew I had to explore. His dark hands, I wanted those hands to explore my body, my rainbow-colored body!

Alison didn’t feel the same pull towards this random stranger as I did, and she tried to warn me with her eyes and the many signals we had developed over the years of our friendship, but I couldn’t resist. She finally gave up and went to get another drink, leaving me standing at the wooden rail overlooking the boardwalk alone with this enigmatic man.

Every few phases and interactions, he looked away into the distance, which made me want his attention more. He would then lean in, whisper something in my ear, touch my back, my arm, and I felt the tug of his presence again. It was a strange push and pull, I enjoyed the chase, yet my stomach was telling me a different story.

I only wish I had listened.


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  1. This is something which is really sensuous and delight to the eyes. It is looking completely passionate and love to see this.

    Keep writing and I am looking forward to the next post!

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