The Dark- Flash Fiction

*** Not only did I write this bit of flash fiction in writing group again, but I tried to use some ideas from a writing workshop I attended yesterday afternoon from my patio. I tried to remove all the “she felt, then, next what happened was…” and write it directly as it’s happening to the character. I think it really gave the piece a strong pace. What do you think?***


The Dark

Thump thump thump- blood pumps in her ears and her chest cramps in pain. Legs burning, she races up and down and up and down dark deserted streets. Sweat drips down her face, burns her eyes, becomes salty brine on her lips. She keeps going. A maze of glass and mirrors, lights flashing blue and green- like the gentle Northern lights cascading over the fields of her youth. But not like that at all.

Wild animals give chase. Their fecund scent fills the air, jaws snapping, spittle forming at the juncture of jaw and teeth. She can’t run fast enough. They overtake her. The floor drops out and she falls, down, down, down. The hole fills with damp black earth, blocking the light, burying her alive.



She can’t move. Fear engulfs her. Tears flow down her face. She can’t wipe them away.




She wakes up.


I’ve been doing fun little Flash Fiction pieces lately. It has been a lot of fun to just explore getting a whole story in a short piece. Here are a the others I have done this month for you to check out if you’d like.

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Linking up to some amazing memes this month- One of which is Flash Fiction Friday! Don’t forget to check out these memes and read all the amazing other posts linked up for each. So much good stuff awaits! (Much of it is not safe for work- so be aware!)

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