Stream of Consciousness- But at Least I’m Writing!

It’s Wednesday and the writing group leader says we can be weird, and I haven’t written in so long the keys feel awkward beneath my fingers and my brain is in a particular kind of funk. Ideas are coming, but they’re having trouble pushing through the barrier of fog and disuse. Maybe it’s misuse because I surely have not been using my mind to its full potential these days.

It could be because a man on Twitter is currently setting up a very sexy scene starring me and a corset right on my timeline and it is definitely distracting. Oh- there goes another notification! (Check out my feed for THAT fun here!)

Maybe because writing for work is soo boring right now, and these days so brain numbingly simple that I haven’t had to stretch those muscles, kind of like I haven’t stretched my exercise muscles or ridden my Peloton this week either. What the heck! It’s all going to hell.

I’m also distracted by the fact that the landlord of my apartment makes me crazy, and they haven’t put the garbage out yet- and I have three bags (missed last week too because they didn’t put them out at ALL!) sitting in the hallway that I should have been able to put out in the daylight, or at least early dusk, and now have to go out into the cold wet night to place them properly in the containers- IF they even put out the containers at all. (They did- the next morning just as the collectors come through- I had to put my trash on the snow in the bags like a peasant.)

Good Lord! I am an old woman if these are the things that distract my mind from my favorite thing… writing. Truly. It is my favorite thing, though you wouldn’t know it from the lack of effort and output these days. So here I am, yammering on about rusty fingertips, sexy twitter, and trash night woes – all because I don’t even know what I would write about today.

I mean don’t get me wrong… I totally want to write about body positivity, getting back together with my boyfriend (maybe? We’re not really talking about it), good dating advice, why traditional relationships are flawed, and more. I have two toy reviews to write and one about CBD lube. I HAVE THOUGHTS! I have plans! I have ideas and goals! But I just can’t translate that into actual words.

Speaking of words… there’s a book I am supposedly writing too. It could be almost done. Maybe it is. But since I have no WORDS, I can’t really be a good judge of that right now and it too is sitting dusty in the corner, wishing I would come back for a visit.

(sigh) Good lord the typos in this thing are bad! (I fixed them before posting…)


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