January Jumpstart: Sexy Storytelling

Sexy storytelling has been the focus of my past few weeks. Primarily because, even though I haven’t been writing sexy stories, I have been getting together my plans for the new website and meme community which will focus on sexy storytelling. It’s been fun and definitely keeping me busy and now a bit anxious- will people join? Do they want to share their sexy stories with us in this format? I guess only time will tell! In the meantime, there is only one day before I launch the first image for inspiration and open the linky tool for people to connect their stories to the meme. So exciting! Please check it out at www.lustitudethememe.com! 

I’ve been considering a sneak peek of the image and post today, just because it is the premier post! It’s definitely a photo that we might not normally see on these sites, my goal is totally to be inclusive and get us to see sexy in a whole new way. OH- I need to get my own story ready for this one, I haven’t even thought about that yet!


I haven’t told Dex anything about my latest project yet, he’s coming over tonight and I’m still not sure if I will at all or not. I mean, he already kind of struggles with my “liberation” sometimes, (you know Madonna/Whore and all…) I am not sure if I’ve actually told him I write erotica. He knows I write and that I have a blog, he has made a few hints about “I need to see this!” But I’ve kind of ignored them, I am not sure he’s ready. MAYBE he’s ready for this blog, where I mostly write about relationships and non-monogamy with some sex thrown in, he might even learn a little bit about my relationship belief system… but this blog will certainly lead him to “the other” blog. The one that started because I wanted to document my sexual adventures as I “Tindered” my way around the world. EEK!

I mean I am proud of both my body of work AND my adventures but… Ugh, I’m not very good at hiding parts of me. I am just too “real” for that usually. Though I do have to say, I have underestimated him already in just the short time we have been dating, so maybe he can hang… We’ll see.


Speaking of not hiding who I am… I attended an online Smut Slam- Europe! I had a happy little cry when I logged in. Smut Slam is an open mic sexy storytelling event. It was one of the first really sex-forward, sex-positive events I participated in when I started living in Berlin. I found it through a polyamory meet-up group, so it gave me a two for one, I met some polyam people for the first time ever, and I met Smut Slam. I swear I have never been the same!

I am not shy. The same person you read here and see in my tweets is pretty much who I am in person (see being real and being me- above! LOL) And my former professions of executive sales and professional training mean that I am also very comfortable in front of an audience. So, from the very first event, I signed up to tell a story and never looked back. It became my monthly joy. I loved to sit and listen to others tell funny, awkward, poignant, educational true stories. Tears, laughter, and freedom around sex allowed me to feel free and accepted. It’s a pretty magical place, just ask other regulars!

Speaking of regulars, it kind of became my “Cheers” bar and I was Norm! I walked in, usually, with a bunch of my friends in tow, (sometimes we took up the whole back corner or a few rows in the middle) I would hear “Hey Lala, Lala!!” I loved the diversity of people there, I loved the energy, I loved getting up and telling stories, I loved sitting still and listening. Can you tell I loved just about everything about Smut Slam? I even took one of my best friends to an event in Scotland when I went to visit him after I left Berlin. It wasn’t his scene, but he could totally see how it would be mine, and I appreciated his effort to check it out and see what I was talking about!

I left Berlin 2 years ago next month, (wow it doesn’t seem possible!) so I haven’t been to a Smut Slam event since that one in Edinburgh.  But a few days ago I was looking online for some meet-ups here in my new hometown. I was hoping I would find maybe a local polyam meet-up that was now online or a writing meet-up online, and I saw an event in my calendar from my Berlin meet-ups.. Smut Slam- Europe, ONLINE! I paid my euros and I was excited all day to attend! I debated telling a story or just listening after being away for so long, but I knew the host would want me to tell a story. (When I left she said some really nice things about me and gave me a spot to tell without having to wait for the random drawing so I could tell one last time!)

So I sat here, in my office in NY, at 2:30 in the afternoon and told a story. It was so fun. It brought me back to so many of the reasons I love Berlin. It reminded me of the lessons I’ve learned about being open about sex and sexuality (see above conundrum… ) I loved everyone’s stories, I loved the freedom. I clicked out of the meeting and said out loud to my plant babies, “Boy am I happy right now!”


Having the opportunity to experience a Smut Slam again this afternoon has renewed my determination to get Lustitude: The Meme off the ground. It might not be a spoken word sexy storytelling event, but I hope it does the same thing for people. I hope it gives us space, encouragement, and the community to do our own written sexy storytelling.

OK, I better go, Dex is on his way and we are cooking up a mega meal and putting up the curtains in my living room finally! I am excited! LOL (It’s the little things folks!)


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Today’s pictures of course, are Berlin! I am going to show a few of them because they are some street shots I took at the “Love Parade in 2017.” Bu the time it was 2017, the Love Parade no longer had 1.5 million people attending, and the one I accidentally caught the tail end of was kind of a one-off, but believe me, Berliners party hard, in a ginormous mass organized event or a make-shift one trying to re-live glory days! I thoroughly enjoyed my spot on the street taking pictures of the revelers and bopping to the thumping techno that was blaring from every float!


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