January Jumpstart: Just Keep Moving

Just Keep Moving: I’ve been working on my new project so much, I haven’t had time to write. But one of the things I promised myself was that this year I would launch new projects but I would stay focused on writing… so today, I am writing.


My first big new project of the year, Lustitude: The Meme is launching. I got the website up and running today, despite some crazy technical difficulties and not actually being able to use a subdomain from the Lustitude blog like I had planned. The first prompt goes live on Friday and I am super excited. I kept debating if that was where I wanted to spend my time, since I am hardly writing here let alone able to focus on erotica, but I really wanted to have a place where anyone could post, even if they didn’t follow the meme theme. I hope the images are interesting and inspirational and we get to read lots of smutty goodness. But even more so, I hope we can create a really open, inclusive community of people, following and encouraging each other in our writing and goals.

Really, that’s what made it worth it for me to focus on this, even though I also really want to grow my “relationship audience.” Once this project launches, I need to start figuring out the cameras and live feed software to do the cooking with friends video vlog series. Never ending! I suppose this is as good a year as any to spend a lot of time focused on projects, especially winter when we’re all locked inside and there isn’t much to do.


Speaking of being inside, Dex and I had a lovely evening the other night. It was the night after I had such a crappy day and he had a crappy day, so we just hung out on the couch, ate Chinese take-out, and listened to music and talked. Eventually we snuggled on the couch and I very much enjoyed a whole bunch of forehead kisses and falling asleep on his chest. I went home pretty late, but we both knew we’d sleep better in our own beds, especially after crappy days!

But, now tomorrow we will finally get a chance to see each other again, and he already informed me that “if he was allowed, he’d very much like to sleep with me all night!” I can get with that! We have big dinner plans (we really enjoy cooking together and he is even going to be a guest in my video series once I get it going!) He is also going to bring his tools and my hope is we will get my curtains hung up! They have been sitting there for a month now. Poor guy got COVID before Christmas so there was no way we were going to be able to do house stuff, and I haven’t wanted to ask him to do much extra for a while as he’s been recovering. But I think tomorrow is the night!! Curtains, dinner, sex and sleep! Seems like the perfect evening to me!

The Others

Haven’t heard from Lux, as expected. Even though he gave me all the words about, “let’s stay friends” I knew that was a very long-shot. Still a bit bummed, I really wanted him to be someone in my life, but just keep moving, eh?

Said and I haven’t really written since that last big blow-up of texting. I blocked him on WhatsApp, but he sent me an email the other day, saying how he missed me. I ignored that too, until today when he sent me another and asked, “so you’re still not going to talk to me.” Seriously, what does he want from me? He can’t blame me for the things he did to me, but then tell me he misses me. He really can’t have it both ways, but I have kind of let him have it both ways for so long, I guess I should have expected it a bit. But again, applying the philosophy, just keep moving. I am sad and still pretty emotional if I give myself time to think too much. But it’s getting better. (Interesting the other night, Dex gave me a hug and while he was holding me he said, “So what about you? You ok? I think you hold things pretty close to the vest don’t you?” Oh if he only knew!)

Spiritual Practice

Well, I do have to say, for all the energy I have lately and all the things I am getting done, I do kind of need to find a way to “slow down” (as if I ever leave the house or have an actual schedule or anything…) but I am pretty “busy.” I would like to find some kind of spiritual practice, some kind of quiet moment. A designated time/place to just be quiet and think, or meditate, or move/stretch. I was going to join the daily yoga a bunch of ya’ll are doing, and I am getting the emails, but honestly I would really need to do it in the morning, but I barely get up and pass through my kitchen for coffee on the way to my desk by 9:15, so you can see sleep is a pretty high-priority. This is something I would like to figure out in the coming weeks. It’s something I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to recently.


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Today’s picture is in Thailand. I went to an elephant rescue (do not ride elephants!) and took care of this little lady. I spent the day with her, feeding her, grooming her, washing her.. then I walked with her up the mountain to her nighttime paddock with the rest of her friends. It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time! But I’ve always loved this photo!

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