January Jumpstart: Big Plans and Ideas

New Projects: So- lately I have found I have all this energy- and to be totally honest, I have no idea what to do with it! Last night it was 7:30ish and I knew I wanted to take down my Christmas tree etc for this weekend, so I pulled out all the boxes so I could do it on Sunday. Then around 9:30, I was still antsy, so instead of going to bed and watching some Netflix, I turned on my Audible book (Next Year in Havana) and started taking down the tree! I got it completely done, except for actually boxing the tree which I did today.


Today- the heat in my bedroom was unbearable overnight. Usually, there’s a lovely chill at night. Just enough to keep you snuggled under the covers. But last night it felt like it was 1000 degrees in the bedroom. I even turned the radiators down, which I never do because they usually just don’t radiate that much. Apparently, that has changed- whatever was clogged is no longer clogged and it is HOT in there even now. So, anyway, I got up and made a pot roast in the crockpot. YUMMY! (I was able to go back to sleep after which was nice, once I opened some windows in the house and opened my bedroom door to equalize the heat!) When I got going, I took a shower, not only did I get dressed, but I put on a bra and make-up, even though it is Sunday and I didn’t have plans to see anyone… then I made bread in my new to me breadmaker, and got on a conference call with an awesome sex blogger friend about one of my new projects she is helping me with- except we talked more about life than our projects!

Later, I took the tree the rest of the way down, swept and cleaned the area, moved the furniture around, then put away my whole Santa collection and rearranged all the Christmas boxes in my closet storage area. In between all this, I talked to both of my parents, made a plate of food for my BFF and got some stuff she needed from the closet, cleaned the bedroom after the Santa’s were put away and came into the office, and did a blog post. Next, I chatted some more with my blog support team and posted not only here for my #JanuaryJumpstart but also made a post on my sister site- Lustitide about one of my new projects.  I am now working on this post- with a glass of wine and chatting with some girlfriends about a Netflix party soon!


OK- so I don’t know about you, but THAT is a lot for me. I have been in this energetic space for a few weeks now. I think it’s a combination of the right meds, and finally being kind of past all the trauma of leaving my ex- in Colombia and moving back here and then settling into my own place, my own space. It certainly feels good! Have you ever been in a period where things finally feel like they are settling and you feel good, but it almost is scary? Like you want to be skeptical of the whole thing? Yeah- THAT!

So- What’s Next?

I have a lot of plans for this year with the blog and writing and getting myself out there more. Beginning today with posting a pic of my travels, but with ME in it! This is the year I reveal who I am by showing my face. It’s a big deal, but I am so open and honest with everyone around me, I am just not that worried if people in my real extended life find me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am keeping my pseudonym, I’m not gonna make it easy for people to find me or anything, but those of you who already “know” me  online can see who I am in all my crazy green-eyed glory! LOL

LUSTITUDE: I am starting a new meme. Lustitude: The Meme –  January 15 opening!

One of the things that really helped me get started in the sex-blogging community was participating in memes, getting the encouragement of comments from, and exposure to other sex and relationship bloggers in the community. It really made me feel part of a bigger collective, part of something special- and I’d like to see us have some of that again! The thing I appreciated from memes like Masturbation Monday (when it was still going) was that you could contribute, even if you didn’t follow the theme. That allowed me, as I often blogged more about relationships than sex, to still post and feel like I was making a contribution to the whole. I want people to be free to do that with this meme too.

VIDEO- SERIES: I am also going to start a Video-Blogging series. I still haven’t found a name for it- maybe I need to ask for some of your ideas for it on Twitter soon! Now that I am going to show my face, I am going whole hog- and you are going to hear my voice, see my wacky self doing my thing and I am even going to let you meet my friends. They are amazing and smart and warm and beautiful, I can’t wait for you to meet everyone!

I feel like so often, we talk and really share great conversations in the kitchen, over a glass of wine while we’re cooking. Talking happens. Intimacy is developed. I also noted many of you hungry birds loved my “Quarantine Cooking” posts- and one of my “love languages” is cooking for the people I love! So- the idea of this video series is to make something yummy,  (probably comfort food- I am good at that!), drink wine, and chat about relationships.

I love talking about relationships, my relationship with the guest, then our different relationship philosophies… I don’t know, but I think it will be fun! I have an amazing friend in Edinborough who is going to teach me to make his “famous” curry while he tells me why he prefers monogamy and doesn’t get what I do at all, you will get to meet my BFF and see why she is my favorite person in the whole world, and I even asked Lux (formerly New Guy #2) and he said he would be willing to be a guest, so you will get to meet one my sweeties, see how we interact and know why I think he’s so great!

If you know of someone you think I should chat with while we cook and drink wine, or if you want to hang out, let me know! That would be a blast!

So- there we go! Those are the big projects I have going and both of them should launch in January – the video will be at the end of Jan early Feb depending on my skill at video editing! (Did I mention I have never done ANY video editing ever? and here I am planning a whole project around doing videos… Gee that’s not crazy or anything!) LOL


Hopefully, with all this new energy I will be able to get both of these projects up and running and still keep up my writing here. I also hope to do some kind of photo project in Feb and relearn how to use my camera while all my sexy blogger friends are doing February Photofest!


And finally- today’s photo is of me in front of “James Bond” Island in Thailand. This was when I first started traveling the world, in November of 2016. By this time I had been in 12 different countries and knew I was going to keep going somehow because I was truly enjoying that adventurous life!


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I am also linking up to Love Yourself- because this month of blogging every day, Diary Style, is kind of a healing mental process and if that isn’t loving myself, I don’t know what it is!

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“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

15 Replies to “January Jumpstart: Big Plans and Ideas”

    1. haha THANKS! It is crazy! It is kind of annoying, I just keep going! Last night I was done… and then I did some painting to try to relax after all of that! OY! I suppose I should be glad for it while it lasts!

  1. Wow, what a positive start to the year! I look forward to reading/watching all of your always-excellent content in 2021, and hope to be able to participate in Lustitude…

  2. Oh this all sounds so exciting! I will definitely be listening in to your video series and absolutely think we need a new meme. My blogging diary used to be jam-packed with awesome memes and I miss that, so really overjoyed to see 2021 is seeing lots of awesome bloggers launching new projects. I am so here for that x

    1. I sure hope I can pull the video project off! Everything about it is new technology for me, so it’s gonna be a year of really new things!! I’m excited to be able to cross-post stuff with your meme too!!


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