January Jumpstart: A Diary, of sorts

In November when I settled in NY permanently (again), I went to my Mom’s and picked up the boxes I had been storing in her basement for the past six years, or so. Some of the boxes had sentimental things, like baby blankets, old journals, and diaries. I spent some time wandering down memory lane and found a book I had made of my very first blog- The Curvy Life. (I’ve been blogging in various manifestations for many years now.) As I thumbed through the book and read a few entries, I realized, I used to blog more like a diary of my life. Lots of rambling about my day, things that I found interesting, or noting how I was feeling. It was sweet and beautiful. There were interesting nuggets of insight and growth in those pages. I enjoyed catching up with myself.

Funny, I used to blog about living my life and dating as a bigger single woman… ironic now I am an intentionally “solo” bigger woman and still blogging about my life and dating- but the focus is no longer on being a “curvy woman”- it is just part of who I am. Now, I enjoy fleshing out the idea of relationships and love in a new open more honest way. Plus- hey there’s cooking and travel and friendships… oh so many things to talk about!

As I skimmed those entries, I realized in my blogging today I have been limiting myself in a lot of ways by only blogging my big fully fleshed out ideas. I have a long list of great blog post ideas and a small list of actually written words. Right there I knew I needed to join Violet’s #JanuaryJumpstart and use this month to just write. To feel free to throw out half-formed thoughts and ideas, express myself, chat about my life and what I am going through and thinking about… and well, see what happens.

If you knew me in person you would know that I am a chatter, so think of the posts this month kind of like, us chatting, over a glass of wine or your favorite coffee blend. Sorry it will be so one-sided, but if you comment on the posts if anything connects with you, we can totally have a back and forth conversation and enjoy a bit of getting to know you! I would be down for that!

So, until tomorrow… when the “real” fun begins…

<3 E.L.

(I’ll also post a picture from my travels with each entry- I mean why not- I’ve taken a lot of pretty cool pics in six years of traveling might as well use them!)

Today’s pic is one of my favorites, it was my phone’s photo for a long time. Gorgeous pottery in one of the many wandering mazes of souks in Rabat Morocco.


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This post is part of January Jumpstart. Click the badge to check out who else is starting their year off challenging themselves to post to their blog every day! There are some great sex-positive and sexy things happening over there you will DEFINITELY WANT to check out!

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2 Replies to “January Jumpstart: A Diary, of sorts”

  1. I *love* the idea of these posts being like a chat over coffee. Really excited to read your “diary” and I’m really inspired by your approach!

    1. THANKS! I am enjoying getting a jump start on my blog and getting my writing habit going again, but it’s also good to help me process stuff as it is happening right now.
      Happy New Year to you!

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