10 Things I Learned at Eroticon 2019

Eroticon UK is THE sex blogging community annual event. Eroticon is a well-run conference put on primarily by Molly and Michael and held in the Arlington House, Camden Town, London, UK. This was my first time attending but it will NOT be the last. The conference is two+ days of networking, loving and admiring each other, sponsors, and most importantly amazing classroom sessions covering everything from the history of the vulva in art to porn vs. reality, to building your blog audience and looking at your blog with a critical eye. If anything, being a newish blogger, I wish there had been more blogging-specific topics, but believe me, it was easy to fill the time with interesting and informative classes regardless. 

So, let me break down some of the key things I learned while at the conference, in no particular order. 

  • ✓ The Trust of your readers is everything. Don’t do anything to jeopardize that-EVER! @coffeeandkink 
  • ✓ Three WordPress plugins I need. (Thanks to just sitting and talking blogging with @BrigitDelaney) 
      • Yost SEO 
      • Retweet Old Post plugin 
      • JM Twitter card 
    • ✓ Procrastination is a habit of fear! Ask myself- what am I afraid of? @kaylaLords @thesmutlancer 
    • ✓ It’s important to think about who you write about and how you represent “others” in your writing. Consider writing about people who are not like you and normalizing content about people other than white, heterosexual, cisgendered folks. @onqueerstreet 
    • ✓ Empathy is our super-power. @FrankiCookney 
    • ✓ Learn ways to diversify your income stream. @fetish.com 
    • ✓ Porn is not reality. How do you represent reality in your writing? Bad knees, normalizing lube use, condom use, non-acrobatic positions, relationship connections, etc. @kingnoir @jetsetjasmine
    • ✓ Use your About Me page to your advantage. Help people to stay on your blog longer by giving them something to learn about you and more links to internal content. @Molly @domsigns
    • ✓ The amazing @girlonthenet gave us these nuggets of wisdom: 
      • Create great shit 
      • Help people find your shit 
      • Make them stay and read your shit 
    • ✓ Last but not least, the sex blogging community is amazing. Diverse, loving, smart, witty, creative and amazing people holding space for one another and celebrating being seen for who we and our reader are. WOW! 

These wonderful companies sponsored the event: https://eroticon.co/2019-sponsors/ 


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